March 10, 2003



            UltraMoteŇ universal remote software has been updated with a new, easier set-up; faster performance; and a new low price.  Set-up for new locations and device/activities now is automated for simpler customization. Performance has been improved as much as 50 percent, meaning that commands from the Pocket PC to the device under control are faster. This performance is most notable with multi-digit commands, such as channel or track number entries.

Software, which previously was priced at $20 U.S., is now available at $15 U.S.  The combo, including the patent-pending UltraMote ExtenderŇ card, will be priced at $35 U.S.  It was previously $40 U.S.  In addition, free USPS shipping is offered through April 15, 2003 to the U.S.  

UltraMote software also now has expanded the number of models with the auto-repeat function to include supported XScale processor-based Pocket PCs.  Auto-repeat typically is used for functions like volume up/down, channel up/down and scrolling. 

The UltraMote solution supports 14 models of Pocket PCs, including the Dell Axim X5s; the Compaq/HP iPAQ 3100, 3600, 3700 and 3800 series; the AudioVox Maestro; the Toshiba e310, e33x, e550, e570 and e740 Pocket PCs; the Fujitsu PocketLOOX; and the Jornada 56x series device.

The UltraMote package lets Pocket PC users customize their Pocket PCs to channel surf, control their DVD players, set up the VCR, control the audio, change the lighting, or control any number of tasks related to the home theater.  The UltraMote Extender card, which fits into the  built-in CF card slots offered in many Pocket PCs, including the Axim X5s, extends the range of the program to as much as 50 feet from the device being controlled.

Users can organize hundreds of original equipment remote buttons into home theater “dashboards” dedicated to specific activities, such as “watch a movie,” “listen to CD,” “record a movie” or other activities. Because UltraMote software has full learning capability, users can set it up without being connected to their PCs. UltraMote also can be customized to include a user’s personal graphics or symbols onscreen.

UltraMote universal remote solution is available at There is a free, 14-day trial of the software available, as well as a free upgrade for existing customers.  The combination package of UltraMote software and UltraMote Extender card regularly is priced at $35 U.S. plus shipping. Software only is priced at $15 U.S.  USPS shipping to U.S. customers is free through April 15, 2003. 

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