Extends Living Room Multitasking from Channel Surfing to Web Surfing, Messaging and Phone Calls


UltraMote® universal remote software is now available for a variety of Windows Mobile Phone and PDA models based upon Marvell XScale 2xx-series processors with internal infrared data (IrDA) ports. Examples of the new models supported include the popular Verizon XV-6700 and Sprint PPC6700 smartphones. These models and others provide integrated carrier data connections, WiFi and Bluetooth, which can be used with UltraMote software remote control for complete living room multitasking capability.

The UltraMote software lets Pocket PC users channel surf, control their DVD players, set up the VCR, control the audio, change the lighting, or control any number of tasks related to the home theater, at a fraction of the cost of many dedicated universal remotes. On those supported Pocket PC models with built in WiFi and Bluetooth, users can simultaneously surf the web, download pictures, or even take a phone call via their carrier or Skype.

The new UltraMote software version provides twice the number of built-in skins, to enable users to rapidly set up a range of “virtual remote screens” - each with a unique visual appearance. Users can also create custom remote skins using their own graphics, symbols, or photos or by combining graphics with the skin templates from the UltraMote web site. Both the included skins and templates are available in vertical and horizontal orientation to support various IrDA port locations.

The UltraMote software is available free for a 14-day trial by downloading from UltraMote software is also available in combination with the proprietary UltraMote Extender CF card for added range on select models. UltraMote software is priced at $15 US per device. The combination package of the UltraMote software and UltraMote Extender card is priced $35 U.S. plus shipping. To purchase, or for more information, visit


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