MAY 8, 2002




The Audiovox Maestro, Toshiba E570 and Compaq iPAQ 3100 Pocket PCs now can use the award-winning UltraMoteä universal remote software with the patent-pending UltraMote Extender add-in card, putting the power of high-priced, dedicated universal remotes into Pocket PCs for just $40 (combo pricing w/o shipping).  This doubles the number of Pocket PC models supported since the software and Extender were announced last quarter.


UltraMote universal remote software already supports the iPAQ 36xx, 37xx and 38xx series devices, as well as the HP Jornada 56xx series, all based on the Intel StrongArm processor.  With the addition of the new platforms, UltraMote is available for the value-priced black-and-white Pocket PCs and the high-end color models.  UltraMote software supports most brands of home audio and video equipment and combines remote functions into a single, user-definable program enabled by its patented signal processing algorithms.


UltraMote software also can be used to control lighting, home security devices, or virtually any device that uses infrared remote control.  Users can set up their own screens and graphics, as well as macros that combine a series of commands. 


The Extender adds additional range to the software, up to 50 feet in some cases.  The Extender is available for the iPAQs, E570 and the Maestro.


UltraMote software and the Extender are available in North America and now ship to many other countries. A complete list of countries is available online at the company’s website. UltraMote software and the Extender are available at the UltraMote website,  There is a free 14-day trial period for the software, allowing users to ensure compatibility with their equipment.  The combo of software and the Extender is priced at $40 U.S. plus shipping.  Software only is available for $20 U.S.

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